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  • Special container


    Open-top cabinets, flat cabinets, frame cabinets, tank Tank cabinets, wardrobes, freezers, bulk vessels, etc.

    We have professional fleet to provide you with frozen cabinet trailers, flat open-top cabinet trailers, binding, loading and unloading services, efficient and professional special cabinet operation experience and first-class services to provide perfect logistics solutions for your products..

    overseas project


    Our project logistics help Chineseenterprises head into the world, and provide “One-Stop” integrated logistics service, which includes budget estimation, roadsurvey, third country transfer, long-distance haulage, warehousing and distribution etc.

    Expo Logistics


    To satisfy individual needs of exhibitors domestically and overseas; We provide temporary import and export, customs clearance, ATA, professional packaging, warehouse to stand and other exhibition logistics program with a high demand for accuracy, security, and time sensitivity.

    Cross-border E-commerce


    We provide various services focused on enhancing customer experience such as global purchasing, overseas warehouse, cross-border logistics, customs affairs consulting, bonded area storing, sorting and platform distribution etc. to help our customers develop cross-border trading easily.

    Personal effects


    We will work out the best transportation operation process for you according to the characteristics of your personal goods, and provide professional international import and export transportation services for private goods!